Veterans Villages of New England is a provider of residency for Veterans in the New England Region.

The Veterans Villages of New England, LLC is a socially responsible investment entity in support of the advocacy of veterans in Massachusetts, as a root cause solution to looming issues identified in Veterans Housing Master Planning.

The Veterans Villages of New England initiative was created to harness the necessary collaborative teaming to offer a vehicle to apply research concerning Veterans residency and Long-Term Care strategies throughout the New England Region.

Research and supporting information regarding Veterans residency and Long-Term care can be found under the following particular commissioned study;   Massachusetts Veterans’ Long-Term Care and Housing Master Plan Commission by the University of Massachusetts Medical School. (1)

Based on the research study, the necessary partnerships have been formulated to conceptualize, design, and construct  “Veterans Villages” throughout New England through the lens of urgent concerns for Veterans residency.

Through the necessary outreach and feedback, each village design concept will support residency requirements for all types of veterans such as active duty families, retirement and lastly senior living options.  The goal of each community is to provide sustainable residency and to enhance the quality of life for all veterans and their families with a focus on strengthen and promoting self-sufficiency; independence; and dignity for all members of its community.

Veterans Villages of New England will be developing our first location in the town of West Warren Massachusetts.  Our research has found that many Veterans are interested in increasing the availability of quality residency.  With this goal in mind, we have partnered with DEXTrust Industries and MDP Development LLC to provide the necessary research and guidance to support development of quality housing for our Veterans in the region.

*This project has been designed to meet Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporations benchmarks in areas of social impact investment, sustainability, renewable energy, environmental quality, and most importantly Veterans quality of life advancements.

Please fill our our questionnaire to be considered for our residency initiative.

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1 Massachusetts Veterans’ Long-Term Care and Housing Master Plan Commission by the University of Massachusetts Medical School – 03302016

2 The Current and Future Long-Term Care Needs of Massachusetts’ Veterans – MIT – 10312013